August 7, 2018

YARDLEY, PA – Red Nucleus Solutions LLC, the leading provider of learning and performance solutions for the life sciences industry, today announced the company received the TGaS® Vendor Insights Best Vendor Partner Award for 2018 in the area of Learning and Development in biopharma. The award is designed to highlight the meaning, impact, and value of vendor partnerships to commercial success, and Red Nucleus is proud to be 1 of 6 overall winners and 1 of 2 winners in the area of Learning and Development, chosen from nearly 200 nominations submitted by 70 different biopharma companies.

Analyzing the data, TGaS identified 5 key recommendations for both pharma companies and vendors to cultivate excellent partnerships. TGaS concluded that the strongest partners align, plan, and execute to outcomes, and they do it on a foundation of listening and responding. “We found it very interesting that responsiveness was correlated with good partnership in just about every way we analyzed the data,” said Tim Wohlgemut, who heads TGaS Insights. He summarized key findings about “what good looks like” in the most successful vendors: “True partners are focused on outcomes. They challenge thinking, recommend solutions and are responsive. The great news is that responsiveness is measurable and can be cultivated to achieve better partnerships.”

The award recognition comes just 6 months after Red Nucleus received the inaugural TGaS Award for the Most Innovative Vendor in Learning and Development in Biopharma. This award was validated in 2018 by the launch of 2 new digital products: RCade, a game authoring platform designed to provide training teams with a powerful and flexible learning reinforcement tool, and Unify, a sophisticated digital solution for training delivery, event management, and learner assessment.

“We are again thrilled to be recognized by TGaS and our clients for our unwavering commitment to great work and innovation,” said Ian Kelly, president and CEO at Red Nucleus. “We furthered this commitment in 2018 with the release of RCade and Unify and will continue down this path to ensure we are providing the most creative and impactful learning solutions for our clients.”

About Red Nucleus

Red Nucleus is a global learning agency providing strategic learning and performance solutions exclusively for the life sciences industry. Our solutions engage and inspire commercial teams throughout the learning journey, maximizing knowledge retention and performance in the field. Red Nucleus enhances traditional training approaches like print, e-learning, and workshops by marrying engaging content and elegant design with research-based adult learning methodologies and digital solutions. Squarely focused on the life sciences industry for more than 25 years, Red Nucleus has long-term relationships with industry leaders, as well as strategic partnerships with innovative startups. Our clients trust us to build creative, award-winning programs that deliver actionable insights and measurable results. For more information, visit

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